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Mark Roesler: The Importance of Philanthropy Within Your Company


You’ll meet Mark Roesler of CMG Worldwide, who has represented over 2,500 iconic celebrities over the past 36 years, including Elvis Presley, Norman Rockwell, and Marilyn Monroe. Mark’s company has worked tirelessly to help the heirs of celebrities gain control of how their loved one’s names and likenesses are used and to achieve fair compensation for that use. Mark has contributed to several books on licensing and is a sought after expert speaker on the subject; he is also a dedicated philanthropist who supports several charities close to his heart, including the Mark and Stacey Roesler Foundation, the  Jackie Robinson Foundation, and the Center of Hope.


Mark discusses his first clients, the heirs of Elvis Presley, and how he helped the family properly license Elvis’ image and name, then how a personal connection led to CMG Worldwide’s association with the family of James Dean. He recounts details of his involvement in the OJ Simpson civil case and how his expert testimony impacted the amount of damages awarded in the civil court. Mark also shares why he is committed to continually striving to improve and do a better and better job for his clients and the charitable foundation he started with his wife.

“When you see what an impact people have made, and you’re humbled to represent them, you recognize that it’s important not only to perpetuate their message but to play an import role in being someone yourself – we try to give back and make the world a better place.” – Mark Roesler

This week on The Wow Factor:

  • How being meticulous and analytical helped Mark in the very first business he started

  • Why he chose to take on an MBA and a Law degree

  • Why he moved on from the successful business, he started in college with his cousin

  • How Mark became interested in intellectual property work

  • The challenges of intellectual property licensing in the pre-internet area

  • How families decide how the legacy is managed and what Mark does if there are disputes

  • What intellectual property rights are and why they are sometimes more valuable than tangible assets

  • Mark’s feelings when he meets clients after a tragedy and how he helps the family move forward

  • How Mark reaches out to individuals, he is interested in working with

  • How CMG Worldwide balances appropriate usage with financial gain when managing intellectual property

Mark Roesler’s Words of Wisdom:

It is essential to stay focused on what you do. Push on in constant pursuit of perfection and strive to get better at what you do every single day.


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