Information technology is the key for every successful business. Building a company’s infrastructure is not an easy task, and support is even more complicated. Database servers, workstations, routers, web servers and users all need appropriate care. At CMG Worldwide, the IS department is confident in providing information technology services for its company. From installation of the new software to administering database servers, the staff is trained to do it all. Click here to find out how they can help you.

Custom software development

The information systems department works with both 4GL and lower level programming languages, such as Visual Basic and C++, as the most popular on the market. They have been developing CMG’s business system for a long time, constantly adjusting it to the changing needs of the market. Now they are primarily focusing on the development and deployment of this software.

Database Administration

Databases are usually the most critical spots in every system. Having expertise in both T-SQL, PL/SQL and database administration allows IS to take care of a wide range of services from simple SQL reports or queries to the users administration and database backup.

Server management

Storage, mail, imaging and web servers are found at most companies, and are closely linked together. If one fails, users will not be able to send e-mails or access files, functions critical in keeping a business running. Systems based running Windows NT/2000 servers, most types of Linux, application servers MS Exchange Server, IIS, Apache.

Network support and security

The world of cables, routers and hubs comprises every network. Servers are on one end, workstations on another, and remote users use Internet to connect to the corporate networks. If one single cable is unplugged, employees cannot access their network-stored documents. The IS department manages all of it, including every cable, Cisco routers and firewalls.


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