Mark Roesler has been called upon for his expert witness testimony in a number of trials. This ABC News artist’s rendition is from the O.J. Simpson civil trial. 
Mark provided expert witness testimony for the following trials.

Williams v. Romanowski, Case No. RG 03122024 (Cal. Super. Ct. 2005)

Wolf et. al. v. Walt Disney Pictures & Television, 114 Cal.App.4th 1343 (2004)

Ellington v. Gibson Piano Ventures, Dist. Ct. S. Ind., No. 1:03-cv-0804-WTL-DFH (2004)

Desalvo, et. al. v. Buca, Inc., Sup. Ct. of Cal., No. BC 299163 (2004)

Corbis Corporation v., Inc., et al., Dist. Ct. W. Wash., CV-0301415L (2004)

Sheffield Enterprises v. Main Event, Inc. et al., Dist. Ct. C. Cal., 02-3927 RGK (FM0x) (2003)

O’Grady v. 20th Century Fox and Discovery Communications, Inc., Dis. Ct. ED TX, Texarkana Division, Civ. No. 502CV173 (2003)

Hailwood v. Ducati, Dist. Ct. NJ, Civ. No. 01-CV-3403 (JAG) (2002)

Anna Kournikova v. General Media Comm., Inc. Dist. Ct. W. Cal., No. 02-3747 GAF (AJWx) (2002) Click here for related article.

Pisano v. House of Blues Brands, Corp., et al., (Arbitration 2002)

Joyner v. Washington University Hospital, et al, Cir. Ct. of St. Louis, No. 992-8111 (2002)

Wendt and Ratzenberger v. Host International, Inc., Dist. Ct. W. Cal., No. 93 0142 R (2001)

Sharon Rufo v. Orenthal James Simpson, et al. 86 Cal.App. 4th 573 (2001)

Lamarr v. E&J Gallo Winery, Dist. Ct. Mid. Fla., No. 99-735-CIV-ORL-22C (2000)

Leonard v. Universal Management Services, Sup. Ct. of Cal., No. BC 199876 (1999)

Soloflex v. Bowflex, Dist. Ct. Or., No. 98-557-JO (1999)

Don Kirshner Productions, et. al. v. Viacom, Inc., et al., Dist. Ct. S. Ind., No. 98 Civ. 2832 (1999)

CMM Cable Rep. Inc. et. al. v. Brill Media (1998)


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