• CMG Worldwide

    Based in Indianapolis, with offices in Hollywood and California, CMG Worldwide secured its position during the 1970s as the premier company for representing the families and estates of deceased celebrities.

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  • Legends Archive

    Legends Archive was established in January 2003 through a special partnership with CMG Worldwide, Inc. Legends Archive can provide high quality files of famous personalities and trademarks, including but not limited to those listed on CMG Worldwide’s client roster. Assets currently available through Legends Archive are photos, artwork, sound and video files.

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  • CMG Clearances

    CMG uses its vast experience over the past four decades and its partnership with the Tribune Company to not only secure imagery, but walk you through every step to eliminate what sometimes can be a tedious, complicated and expensive process.

    Our professionals use their decades of marketing and legal expertise to make the process as quick, cost effective and legally secure as possible. CMG Clearances regularly works with companies to clear the rights associated with sports and entertainment celebrities, both living and deceased. We will conduct the necessary research, locate the proper rights holders, negotiate fees, draft all appropriate agreements and handle all approvals to ensure contract compliance.

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CMG Worldwide

An unparalleled reputation and the recognized leader in the field of celebrity branding, marketing, licensing, clearances, intellectual property management and event services.

Mark Roesler

CMG Worldwide