CMG Worldwide joins local police officials in building the road to safer travel

Vehicular accidents resulting in fatality are a tragic occurrence in the state of Indiana, with alcohol contributing to at least 37 percent of all such accidents.* If left unattended, law enforcement officials in Hamilton County ? the most rapidly growing and prosperous county in the state ? expect fatalities and injuries resulting from impaired and dangerous drivers to increase as the county?s population continues to grow. Last year alone, 19 people were killed on Hamilton County roads.*

However, thanks in part to a grant from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and the Governor?s Council on Impaired and Dangerous Driving, several Hamilton County police departments are joining forces to create the Fatal Alcohol Crash Team (FACT), in hopes of increasing response time and allowing 24-hour coverage of all fatal and serious injury crashes.

As coordinators of the event, CMG Worldwide is dedicated to honoring the men and women in uniform who take part in this new program. See Mark Roesler’s speech from the event.

*Information courtesy of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and


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